Team Sixty-Four: Now hiring for SnG players!

I am looking to take on SnG players currently playing at mainstream sites such as Stars/FTP/Party/Ipoker.

What can I offer?

  • Full or part bankrolls to enable you to grind limits appropriate to your ability and experience, with confidence and security.
  • Mentoring and coaching specifically designed to improve your game.
  • Access to dedicated training videos for your limits and tailor made video hand history reviews. 
  • Clear profit sharing agreement drafted by a trained lawyer.

Who should apply?

Successful applicants will be currently active players with a reasonable sample of SnGs. (I’m unlikely to consider players with under 500 tracked games).

Applicants should already have a poker bankroll. If you are flat broke, I probably can’t help you. I’m interested to hear from players looking to move up through the limits, but who need a little technical advice, motivation and support in that journey.

How can I apply?

To apply please fill the form below.

If it sounds like we can help each other, I will respond to arrange an online skype chat to see whether our aims are compatible. Please note that successful applicants will be asked to sign a contract prior to any staking and may also need to provide identification and/or proof of previous results. 

Good luck and many thanks,
- Tim


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